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The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Dedicated to Independent Learning

The EPQ is recognised and welcomed by all Universities as it demonstrates dedication to independent learning.

an epq is recognised by ucas as the equivalent of half an a level, and it is likely to enhance applications to higher education.

Exploring Topics and Areas of Interest

RGS Worcester Private Sixth Form students have the opportunity to explore a topic area or a question that is of particular interest to them. They may design an artefact, write a dissertation, put on a performance, produce an Art installation, organise an event, or carry out a scientific or fieldwork investigation. An EPQ is recognised by UCAS as the equivalent of half an A Level, and it is likely to enhance applications to Higher Education or for a job and will help students to stand out in both their Personal Statements and at interviews. Through the weekly Sixth Form Enrichment Programme, the taught skills element of the EPQ is delivered, and students have a chosen teacher as a Personal Supervisor. The focus is on independent learning, aimed at developing essential research, study and presentation skills, as well as higher-order critical thinking.

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