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Learning Development

As a team of specialist teachers, we work collaboratively across all four schools to achieve one vision of an inclusive, challenging and stimulating school, where children are inspired and encouraged to become confident and successful learners.

RGS is a school that genuinely believes all students can achieve, overcome barriers and harness their diversity. As such, we see students who are committed to being the best version of themselves, who want to practice, learn, overcome and succeed. We see students who walk tall and aim high because they know their value and have the confidence to shine.

We know that children who may have additional support with an academic, social or emotional need are still able to fully engage and participate in School life, as a member of our RGS family. Our children tell us that they are happy and they feel included, which can often be the first hurdle in achieving academic success.

As a School which values each child as an individual, our teachers know our students’ needs and are keen to provide the best for them. We aim to celebrate the diversity of our School and enjoy watching our children grow in confidence with developing self-belief; so that they might feel empowered to have high aspirations and go on to achieve success.

Please do read through our School Information Report to find out more about how we organise and deliver our special needs provision, and contact us if you would like more information.

The Director of Learning Development is  Mrs Hannah Clarke.

To read the SENDA policy, please click here.

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