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Science Department


  • Did you know males have fewer genes than females?
  • How many kilograms of water do you think a tree could lift?

Biology can answer these questions and many others!

Biology is a subject that is constantly changing, especially since the revolutions in genetics, cellular and molecular biology. It is intriguing and meaningful and sometimes controversial. This, coupled with the enthusiasm of our pupils for this subject, makes it a uniquely relevant and exciting area of study.

The department\’s staff all have specialist interests and our teaching emphasises a practical approach to scientific enquiry, with a very extensive repertoire of experimental work and dissection from the outset.


Why study Chemistry? It\’s fun, exciting and it explains how the world works. From archaeology to other planets\’ atmospheres, from the effect of drugs to the colour of precious stones, Chemistry enables us to make life better and more interesting.  From growing food, preventing and curing disease, to developing new materials and exploring space – Chemistry is all around us.

The department aims to engender the love of the subject by providing a rich curriculum in well-resourced laboratories. We aspire to develop independent thinking skills, problem-solving and creativity within our pupils in a friendly and supportive environment.

The department is also strongly supportive of learning beyond the curriculum, with lecture trips to GCSE Science Live, the Cheltenham Science Festival and the \’in-house\’ Dyson Perrins Chemistry Society, where younger pupils enjoy weekly forays into the wider world of the subject. We also have a proud history in the Chemistry Olympiad Competition.


How did the universe begin? Is nuclear fusion the energy resource of the future? How does a quantum computer work? Does the Higgs boson exist?

Physics enables us to work towards the answers to these and other big questions. The skills developed are also transferable to a wide range of careers including engineering, science, finance, computer science, business and medicine.

The Physics Department provides a rich curriculum, developing a student\’s ability for critical and independent thinking. Students learn in well resourced laboratories using modern techniques such as computer simulations and data logging. At RGS Worcester we endeavour to promote good investigative skills from the first year, with a firm emphasis on practical work.

Physics is a popular subject at GCSE and large numbers of students choose to take the subject at A Level. Students will encounter opportunities for learning beyond the classroom, including trips to CERN and the chance to enter the Physics Olympiad.