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Mathematics Department

Creating a passion for Mathematics

The central aim of the Mathematics Department is to foster interest and enthusiasm for Mathematics and, further, to see this reflected in each pupil mastering the concepts and knowledge that are foundations of the subject.  We hope to show your child that the subject has value as a tool in many other subjects and that it has a beauty and fascination that is uniquely its own.

Your child will cover a syllabus that goes well beyond the requirements of the examination courses, experiencing a broad range of work that will both challenge and promote reflection. This will include traditional textbook and exercise book work alongside the use of technology, including iPads.

almost half the students in a year group choose to go on to study a level each year.

Overview of studies

At GCSE, we focus on preparing each child for the examinations but also give a broader emphasis to important topics such as algebra which are a key element for those hoping to continue the subject to A Level. Pupils are set in this subject via their mathematical ability, and each set follows a route through the course that is most appropriate for it. This means that a top set may well spend significant time looking at the challenges beyond the limits of the GCSE work, while other sets focus on the consolidation of techniques and concepts.

Almost half the students in a year group choose to go on to study A Level each year, and there is always a strong contingent following the Further Mathematics course. We continue to look at extension topics with a focus on the Senior Mathematics Challenge and other challenging material.

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