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Computing & IT Department

Our Computing and IT curriculum encompasses Computer Science, Information technology whilst also supporting support digital literacy.


Computer Science is both a useful as well as very creative subject. Pupils on our courses are provided with insights into computational systems of all kinds. Computational thinking has impact on such a wide variety of fields, from the sciences through to linguistics or statistics. We aim to give our students a real and in-depth understanding of how computer technology works. 

We strive in all our courses, from Year Seven right up to A Level, to encourage the processes that support critical thinking, analysis and problem solving. Also to promote independent learning and to produce engaged learners. Our subject is taught in a  practical way. Invention and resourcefulness are encouraged.

Not only do our courses look at using IT based systems, we also strive to understand what is involved in developing them from scratch too. The subject re-enforces academically rigorous principles and provides excellent preparation for higher study and employment in the field of Computer Science.

Subject content is varied, ranging from cyber security and data structures, through to IT architecture and communication protocols. But above all else we are encouraging our learners to have a go at coding!