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A Level Psychology

Psychology is a fascinating study of the brain and behaviour. The A Level course takes a scientific perspective when considering many aspects of human behaviour, such as social influence, attachment, memory, aggression, addiction and sleep. Atypical behaviour is also thoroughly explored through the study of psychopathology, which specifically considers explanations for and treatments of schizophrenia, phobias, depression and OCD. In the Upper Sixth, students will weigh up evidence for and against many of the great debates applicable to human nature; Do we have free will? Is our behaviour caused by nature or nurture? 

success in psychology is enjoyed by the interested and the engaged.

Developing key skills

Students will develop skills in statistical analysis, application and evaluation on this dynamic and interesting course. A successful Psychology student is hardworking and organised. There is a lot of research evidence to learn, so an enquiring mind is an asset, as is critical thinking and skilful evaluation of theories based on evidence.

Overall, success in Psychology is enjoyed by the interested and the engaged, those who work tirelessly to increase their knowledge and who never stop questioning the implications and applications of psychological theory.

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