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Business and Economics Department

Sixth Form Business and Economics

When a pupil chooses to study either Economics or Business in the Sixth Form, there are many certainties, not least that they will find themselves enthralled by engaging lessons taught by enthusiastic and experienced teachers who encourage students to push their sphere of understanding beyond the textbook and into the real world.

Both subjects prove to be excellent in developing a pupil’s ability to analyse cause and effect, substantiate arguments with evidence and have the confidence to make reasoned judgements, both orally and in writing. The skills are honed because students are taught in small class sizes in an environment where there is a strong emphasis on discussion and debate.

opportunities to enter national competitions for annual essay writing competitions.

Challenging beyond the curriculum

Pupils will have access to a wide variety of materials to act as support for their learning but also to provide opportunities to challenge themselves beyond the curriculum. There are digital courses offering all the learning material for pupils to succeed; they are also subscribed to bespoke A Level magazines that encourage wider reading. Additional opportunities, such as entering national competitions – the Royal Economic Society, the University of Cambridge and the Institute of Economic Affairs – all offer annual essay writing competitions. Pupils can also participate in the annual ifs Student Investor Challenge as well as various entrepreneurial ventures.

In a world where current students can expect to have multiple careers, potentially in different industries, studying either Economics or Business at A Level will unequivocally support them in their journey.

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