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Our Prefect Mentors

One of the key components of the pastoral structure within the Lower School is the work of our prefect mentors.

Forming bonds with older students

Each Form has two Upper Sixth pupils attached to it, one boy and one girl. Just like the Form Teacher, each prefect gets to know the children in their class extremely well. This provides effective additional support for pupils and an early interaction with older students.

“I still remember my pastoral prefects from Year Seven. They helped me get to where I am now, so if a few of my pupils remember and are inspired by me in six years time, then I feel it will have been more than worthwhile. It is also great fun to spend time with such bright and creative people.”

“I get a sense of pride and enjoyment from this role. It raises my self-esteem and makes me feel valued by both pupils and staff alike. All in all, I believe it is a fantastic idea and so worthwhile.”

RGS Worcester is proud to be an ambassador for Stonewall. To find out more, visit the Stonewall website for further details. 

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