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To download a policy please click on the links below:

Admissions Policy (September 2021)

Anti-Bullying (September 2021)

Articles of Governance (September 2021)

Assessment, Recording and Reporting (September 2021)

Code of Conduct (September 2021)

Complaints Policy RGSW (September 2021)

Curriculum Policy (September 2021)

Data Protection Policy (September 2021)

EAL Policy (September 2021)

Educational Equal Opportunities (September 2021)

Exclusions Policy  (September 2021)

Fire Policy and Procedure (September 2021)

Gender Pay Report (April 2021)

Health and Safety Policy (September 2021)

Images Policy (September 2020)

Means-Tested Bursaries and Scholarships (September 2021)

Medical Policy (April 2021)

Missing Child Policy (September 2021)

Online Safety and Acceptable Use of Smart Devices Policy(September 2021)

Peer on Peer Abuse (September 2021)

Privacy Notice

PSCHE Policy  (September 2021)

Pupil Absence from School (September 2021)

Relationships Education Policy  (September 2021)

Rewards, Behaviour and Sanctions Policy  (September 2021)

Risk Assessment Policy (September 2021)

Safeguarding Children Policy (February 2022)

Safer Recruitment Policy (September 2021)

School Aims (September 2021)


SENDA Policy (September 2021)

Supervision of Pupils (September 2021)

Whistleblowing Policy (September 2021)