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Policies and Reports

RGS Worcester was last inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) in March 2015. The Inspection included RGS Senior School and the two Prep Schools RGS Springfield and RGS The Grange. The Inspectors concluded that all three Schools were ‘Excellent’ in all areas. They commented:

‘RGS Worcester forms a very successful group of schools characterised by excellence in all aspects of its provision.’

‘Pupils achieve well because of the high quality of teaching they receive, the breadth of opportunities they are offered both in the formal curriculum and beyond the classroom, and the care and concern shown by staff.’

‘By the time they leave school pupils are articulate and confident; they have a purposeful sense of what they want to do next and are ready to meet the challenges of adult life.’

The Headmaster of RGS Senior School, John Pitt, said, “This Inspection report proves the high quality education provided at RGS Worcester. It gives us the confidence to build upon this success and ensure that we provide the very best opportunities for our pupils.”

Integrated Inspection Report

The three RGS Schools had an ISI Compliance Inspection in March 2018.  The Schools were found to be compliant in all areas and there were no recommendations made.  The report is below:

Compliance Report

To download a policy please click on the links below:

Acceptable Use of IT Policy (August 2018)

Admissions Policy (September 2019)

Anti-Bullying (September 2019)

Articles of Governance (September 2019)

Assessment, Recording and Reporting (August 2018)

Code of Conduct (September 2019)

Complaints Policy RGSW (September 2019)

Curriculum Policy (September 2019)

Data Protection Policy (May 2018)

EAL Policy (August 2018)

Educational Equal Opportunities (September 2019)

Exclusions Policy (September 2018)

Fire Policy and Procedure (August 2018)

Gender Pay Report

Health and Safety Policy (August 2018)

Images Policy (June 2019)

Means Tested Bursaries and Scholarships (October 2018)

Medical Policy (February 2018)

Missing Child Policy (September 2019)

Privacy Notice

Pupil Absence from School (September 2019)

Record of Formal Complaints 2017-18

Rewards, Behaviour and Sanctions Policy (September 2019)

Risk Assessment Policy (August 2018)

Safeguarding Children Policy (September 2019)

Safer Recruitment Policy (September 2019)

School Aims (September 2019)

School Fees Policy (2018)


SENDA Policy (January 2018)

Supervision of Pupils (September 2019)

Whistleblowing Policy (September 2019)