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Drama Department

Drama is a very practical, creative and energetic subject. As well as incorporating written evaluative and analytical skills and work in progress, it allows Drama students to perform using a number of different styles and in different groups and evaluate and analyse the decisions they have made.  

The Drama department organises a very wide range of productions each year which all pupils can participate in and enjoy.  Lower School Drama is taught to all Year Seven and Eight pupils in a half year cycle in rotation with Music.  In the Middle School Drama is taught as an option subject in Year Nine.


Although AQA Drama has a lot of practical content, the written element of the course is just as important and students will support their practical work with an exam at the end of the two-year course.  The new Drama reform course is exciting and busy and involves students working in groups and individually on creating theatre using a variety of styles. You will also be offered the opportunity to attend theatre trips to different styles of performances in our local theatres and further afield.

To select Drama for an option you need to have a genuine passion for the subject and to understand that theatre is an art form that requires discipline, focus and a positive work ethic.  You must also be comfortable performing in front of others and it would be recommended that you involve yourself in school productions. Drama Scholars are expected to opt for Drama.