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An outstanding independent education for boys and girls aged 11-18

Our Co-curricular Ethos

We are committed to the idea that the more someone is willing to try, the more potential they have to become. Our co-curricular provision, therefore, encourages pupils to do more and to be more.

We like the term ‘co-curricular’ at RGS. Unlike some other schools that refer to it as ‘extra-curricular’, we do not see co-curricular activities as a bolt on to our pupils’ education. The co-curricular goes hand-in-hand with their pastoral and academic development and, more than this, it forms a bridge, between the various spheres of our quality provision.  The co-curricular aspect of the School’s educational provision is crucial to support each child’s development.  Often confidence and skills obtained outside the classroom support a pupil in their academic development.

We aim to teach pupils the pastoral value of community and service through PSHCE and assemblies, and through curricular subjects such as Religious Studies and Geography, but it is in the co-curricular area that they can put these lessons into action, whether it is by serving the school community on the sports field, the local community by singing at St Richards Hospice’s ‘Lights of Love’ Service in the Chamber Choir or experiencing the global community through a tour or an overseas expedition.

At RGS we view co-curricular education as ‘character education’. We believe in offering our pupils the widest possible range of activities and encouraging them to launch their own in support of their own interests. We use the most modern digital methods to assist pupils in organising their time and commitments and ensure our pupils understand the tangible benefits they are gaining from the co-curricular engagement that they enjoy.

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