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Transport need never be an issue for anyone considering applying to RGS Worcester.

The School is extremely well connected by bus, rail and road. It is only 15 minutes from Evesham and Droitwich and 30 minutes from Bromsgrove and Malvern by train and the station is a five minute walk from the Senior School.

50% of our pupils travel to School by public transport with the majority using the train. 

If transport is an issue for your family, please contact the Registrar who will be able to advise and help.

These quotes are from Year Seven pupils:

“The train is a great way to travel with your friends and grow up to have an independent role. Also it’s an easy and quick way to travel.”

“The train is an easy way to get from my home to school and I can do it with my friends along the way.”

“On the train it’s easy to tell when the train is and what platform it is on because of the app and the boards.”

“The school bus allows me to talk with friends and it is an easy way to travel to school and home.”

Other Assistance

There is a school minibus which travels to and from school from Kidderminster daily (with various stops along the way down the A449). In addition, we have a minibus to/from Malvern each day. If you are interested in using either of theese services, please contact our Registrar or call us on 01905 613391.

RGS operates a shuttle service between RGS The Grange and RGS Worcester Senior School. This bus operates both before and after school for families with siblings at both schools.

Pupils at RGS Springfield can be escorted on foot to the Senior School Reception to meet with older siblings if required.

West Midlands Railway offers student rail tickets, valid per term, at significantly discounted rates. For more information visit West Midlands Travel 

Transport Map

Transport Options to RGS Worcester