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Introduction to rgs admissions

Join one of the leading independent schools in the West Midlands

The aim of the family of RGS Worcester schools, is to provide an excellent all round education for children aged 2 – 18 years, supporting them in their passage to adulthood by developing character, intellect, physical and emotional well-being and cultural understanding within a supportive community.  For those looking for a high school we would urge you to come and visit us at RGS Worcester.

The students are confident, respectful and full of enthusiasm…

Our ISI inspection 2015 found the RGS Family to be...

‘Outstanding and Excellent in All Areas’ 

Leaders in Digital Teaching and Learning in the Region

Award Winning Careers Service

Excellent transport links

The School and its staff aim to cultivate an ethos in which each pupil is cared for individually, valued equally and achieves their potential.

RGS offers places at the normal age of entry of 11+ (Year Seven), with places also available at 12+ (Year Eight) and 13+ (Year Nine).  The entrance examination occurs in January or February each year, with an offer of a place, or otherwise, posted during the week after the examination.

L:s and MS1

Worcester Is Green