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Departments at RGS Worcester

Once your child joins RGS Worcester you will undoubtedly ask how he or she is getting on with a particular subject and what exactly has been going on in the classroom.

Sometimes this question might elicit the answer in the modern idiom, “stuff”, but at other times you’ll get to hear about the vibrant character of each of our departments and the colour brought to the classroom by our teachers. We provide a sound infrastructure, onto which each department builds in its own nuances and detail to ensure an atmosphere that promotes an unmatched learning environment. The School Day

“To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end in life.”   

Robert Louis Stevenson 


“Did you know males have fewer genes than females?”


“How many kilograms of water do you think a tree could lift?”


“The younger years enjoy projects and group work which includes (in Year Seven alone) the opportunity to build a model castle, siege engine or medieval armour.”


“From growing food, preventing and curing disease, to developing new materials and exploring space – Chemistry is all around us.”


“Why study Politics? Because it’s live, exciting and relevant to our everyday existence!”  

Award winning careers

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