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Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

For over 100 years, RGS has offered the opportunity for pupils to develop their personal skills in the Combined Cadet Force (CCF). An RGS cadet is supported in the improvement of self-discipline and self-confidence through participation in the myriad of activities that are available.

Depending on which section is chosen (Army, Navy or RAF), pupils will have the opportunity to engage in survival skills, take personal command opportunities when leading a group of cadets, fly and glide, sail and kayak, climb and abseil and use the .22 range which is located beneath Perrin’s Hall.

We encourage the acquisition of a number of practical and leadership skills as well as learning the rich history of the different armed services through a summer camp and two field weekends every year as well as various outings in the course of the term. Greater responsibility within a section opens the path to becoming a Senior Non-commissioned Cadet Officer and taking a leading role in running the CCF at RGS Worcester.

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