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Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

About our Combined Cadet Force

For over 100 years, RGS has offered the opportunity for pupils to develop their personal skills in the Combined Cadet Force (CCF). An RGS cadet is supported in the improvement of self-discipline and self-confidence through participation in the myriad of activities that are available.

pupils have the opportunity to engage in survival skills, take personal command opportunities, fly and glide, sail and kayak, climb and abseil and use the .22 range.

Developing self-discipline and self-confidence

Depending on which section is chosen (Army, Navy or RAF), pupils will have the opportunity to engage in survival skills, take personal command opportunities when leading a group of cadets, fly and glide, sail and kayak, climb and abseil and use the .22 range which is located beneath Perrin’s Hall.

We encourage the acquisition of a number of practical and leadership skills as well as learning the rich history of the different armed services through a summer camp and two field weekends every year, as well as various outings in the course of the term. Greater responsibility within a section opens the path to becoming a Senior Non-commissioned Cadet Officer and taking a leading role in running the CCF at RGS Worcester.


The CCF Army, CCF(A), endeavours to equip young individuals for lifelong success and ignite a passion for achievement. Its mission is to cultivate qualities such as responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness, and a strong sense of community service. Activities encompass drill, marksmanship, shooting, fieldcraft, first aid, and adventurous training. By enrolling in the CCF(A), cadets also open doors to engage in volunteer and charitable persuits within the community, while pursuing nationally recognised credentials like the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and BTECs.

Participation in the CCF(A) presents a remarkable and distinctive opportunity to engage in captivating Army-inspired training activities and events. Additionally, the program hones effective communication skills, bolsters confidence, nurtures teamwork with a winning spirit, and instills a profound sense of pride and accomplishment. As a youth-focused organisation, the CCF(A) is dedicated to providing cadets with an enjoyable and safe experience. There’s no obligation or expectation for cadets to pursue a career in the regular Armed Forces upon completing their education.


The primary objectives of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets are as follows:

  • Foster and cultivate a hands-on interest in aviation and the Royal Air Force among young individuals.
  • Provide training that holds practical value for both military service and civilian life.
  • Cultivate a spirit of adventure, as well as nurture qualities of leadership and responsible citizenship.

Membership in the CCF (RAF) is a thrilling, fulfilling, and highly enjoyable endeavour. As a cadet, you’ll uncover latent skills, engage in unexpected activities and visits, and forge connections with like-minded peers who will become your comrades and companions.

Furthermore, you’ll have the chance to challenge your limits through adventure training, potentially represent your country or school on the International Air Cadet Exchange program, or enhance your abilities through participation in the Air Cadet Leadership Course. Your potential as a cadet can truly shine.

Certain fundamental CCF activities like first aid, navigation, leadership, and drill are undertaken by cadets across all sections of the CCF. However, each branch also offers specialised activities. The RAF Section affords opportunities to engage in a diverse range of activities, courses, and camps.


Nautical training stands as the defining pursuit within the Naval Cadet Forces. The training focus outlined in the Royal Navy proficiency syllabus centers on leadership, activities at sea, and daring exploits. Yearly camps convene at prestigious locations such as Britannia Royal Naval College (Dartmouth), Portsmouth, Plymouth, and training grounds in Scotland.

Beyond these camps, an extensive array of over a hundred courses are available throughout the year, many leading to nationally recognised credentials. In addition to engaging in maritime activities, cadets have the chance to participate in scuba diving trial sessions, mountaineering, mountain biking, rock climbing, leadership development, first aid training, National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) pursuits, and flying experiences. These courses are generously sponsored by the Navy, significantly reducing the cost compared to civilian equivalents, and affording participants the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Military life away from home.

Career preparation at RGS Worcester

"an extensive programme to assist pupils in choosing their career pathway."
“an extensive programme to assist pupils in choosing their career pathway.”
"Award-winning department organises the Annual Careers and Higher Education Expo.”
“Award-winning department organises the Annual Careers and Higher Education Expo.”

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