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Physical Education Department

Physical Education (PE) students at RGS Worcester will be inspired to be active, healthy and deeply enthused by physical activity. They will develop a love of learning in PE in an environment where they are supported to develop physically and intellectually and will perform in a range of challenging situations. They will be able to challenge themselves as part of a team and individually.

Through PE, students will develop their knowledge about the positive effects of exercise on their physical, social and mental health, and develop a passion and life-long commitment for exercise.  They will also develop practical skills across a range of activities, as well as improving personal skills which will enable them to perform in a range of situations, including those that can involve working together in a competitive environment.  They will experience a wide range of sporting activities that are underpinned by a broad, but increasingly complex, set of skills and abilities. It is our commitment to provide an environment that encourages a desire to participate in a range of activities or their chosen specialist sport into adult life.

This means:

  • Students will develop in a positive & caring environment which allows them to excel together and as individuals
  • A broad and balanced PE curriculum will be provided, where there is something to captivate all students
  • The learning environment for students will be high quality, continually evolving, and immersive
  • Personal and social skills will be developed, allowing for increased creativity, competence and confidence in all forms of physical activity
  • Participation in PE will be underpinned by the core values of sportsmanship, enjoyment, respect, discipline and teamwork. Students will demonstrate our Charter for Sport Resolute, Gracious, Selfless and Willing

RGS Worcester provides PE in our exceptional facilities. These include our state-of-the-art Fitness Suite, two Sports Halls, a purpose-built Dance Studio, two Astroturf pitches, Netball courts and our vast array of sports fields.

Summary of Curriculum

Key Stage 3

All Key Stage 3 students are provided with 1 lesson of PE a week in a mixed ability group. Over the three years, students will work on developing skills such as Health Related Exercise, Tennis, Dance, Swimming, Athletics Gymnastics and Tennis. Each activity is taught for a half-term block and then assessed at the end of each half term. PE is used at KS3 to develop understanding across individual and team sports, to develop a positive mental, physical and social wellbeing and boost achievement through enjoyment and success.

Key Stage 4

All Key Stage 4 students are provided with 1 lesson of PE a fortnight in a mixed ability group. Over the two years, the lessons will aim to encourage students to pursue active and healthy lifestyles. Students will work on participation and enjoyment to promote a prolonged interest in sport and physical activity. Activities include Boxercise, Pilates and Health-Related Exercise. 

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