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The RGS sporting ethos can be split in to two main strands; Performance and Values.

At the heart of ‘Performance’ lies an ambition to ensure ‘each and every child is fulfilling their potential’. The majority of pupils play sport for the School, taking with them the benefits of their sporting experiences in to their future lives. Many of our pupils pursue and develop their sport beyond school in local clubs and we are very proud of the many pupils we have who have represented at a National level across a wide range of different sports.

Our Charter for Sport describes the ‘Values’ that we promote and look to develop. To join a school like RGS Worcester is to join a community and become part of a team. Like any team, it thrives on the trust and commitment which its members show to each other and the values that those teammates share. As such, we expect all of our pupils to be Resolute, Gracious, Selfless and Willing and to be proud of ‘Being Green’.

While our programme is based on traditional team sports, the pupils’ experience is of up to date, innovative coaching. Sports practices and specialist clinics are a daily occurrence in all the major sports. Our lead coaches ensure that the coaching within each sport, as well as the essential Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, incorporate new developments.  These innovations also enable us to support sportsmen and women in sports outside of our traditional programme such as Cross-Country, Fencing, Equestrian and Swimming to name just a few and make up a part of our successful Athlete Development Programme.

Crowds measured in their thousands watch the annual First Team Rugby, Football and Netball fixtures with local friends and rivals King’s School at Worcester’s Sixways Stadium and Indoor Arena respectively. We host County Hockey tournaments at our floodlit astro turf at RGS The Grange, whilst Flagge Meadow hosts many fixtures for Worcestershire County Cricket Club. Athletics and Rowing complete the major sports with training based at RGS Worcester or on the nearby River Severn and there are exciting facility developments on the horizon that will see Tennis and boys’ Hockey join our other successful team sports.

RGS Worcester organises many major overseas sports tours which give the pupils an opportunity to play against some of the best sports schools across the world and to experience a variety of cultures, enriching the pupils’ sport and experience work.

Athlete Development Programme (ADP)

The RGS’ Athlete Development Programme (ADP) is an established programme for identifying and nurturing sporting potential. Our carefully structured programme offers a wide range of additional services to achieve peak performance for each and every athlete.

Within the ADP we have adopted a two-tiered approach to support our athletes in the form of an ‘Aspire’ and an ‘Elite’ programme.

Aspire athletes are identified as gifted and talented sportsmen/women amongst their peers, who strongly uphold the RGS Charter for Sport (Resolute, Gracious, Selfless, Willing). ‘Elite’ athletes are generally representing at Regional level or above in their chosen sport(s) and are key players within their peer group.

All athletes will receive strength and conditioning support, as well as input on nutrition, psychology, time management, game analysis and leadership qualities. They will benefit from the wisdom of a variety of guest speakers throughout the year and will have the opportunity to attend master classes in their chosen sport.

In addition to this, the ‘Elite’ athletes will receive an individual mentor, with whom they will meet fortnightly to discuss all the above areas, as well as a more bespoke programme dovetailed to their needs. The all-in-one digital coaching platform, CoachNow, assists in managing, motivating and training our athletes and there are also opportunities for external visits to elite sports performance centres, aimed at opening the pupils’ eyes to the potential of being a full-time/funded athlete.

In conjunction with the ADP Programme, RGS offers both ‘Major Sport’ and ‘Niche Sport’ Scholarships. We recognise that some athletes will have sporting expertise outside our major sports and the ADP fully supports their involvement and works with each athlete to provide a balance for both their sporting endeavours and academic work.




What does it mean to be Green? - Please view our inspirational Sports film made in conjunction with Player Layer

‘Sport for All and All for Sport’

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