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Music Department

An atmosphere of engagement and activity within the Music Department stems from our emphasis on performance. Students at GCSE and A Level regularly perform in lessons as soloists and ensemble members, whilst all classes in Years Seven, Eight and Nine form a ‘Class Band’ where all pupils play instruments together, learning collaborative ensemble skills as well as how to read music and improvise. This makes us an exciting Music department that honours music on its own terms as an active form of expressive communication.

In Years Seven and Eight, students study a range of musical genres including Medieval Music, Samba Batucada, Gamelan, Pop Music and Graphic Scores. As part of the school’s Digital Learning Programme, all pupils in Year Nine upwards have full access to the Department’s Apple Mac computers, composing in diverse styles including Blues and Minimalism, and producing GCSE and A Level coursework scores to publishing standards.

The Department follows the AQA GCSE and A Level specifications, leading GCSE students to study set works by Mozart and from the musical Little Shop of Horrors. At A Level, students combine advanced composition and performance work with a focus on Music for Theatre, Solo Baroque Concerti, Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro and Romantic Piano Music, learning how to aurally and visually analyse music and then write about it with clarity and detail.

Sasha Penlington performs Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in D major

Bella Hulbert and James Kitchingman perform Debussy’s Violin Sonata, i

George Oates's - Monkey-Film Composition

Sofia Stolt’s Indian-inspired composition