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Classics Department

Classics is the collective name for the range of related disciplines which deals with the languages, literature, history and culture of the Ancient Western World.

As well as being an appealing and valuable study in itself, and of great help in the development of pupils\’ analytical skills, the differences between the ancient and the modern worlds force us to look from a different perspective at ideas which we take for granted: our politics, our laws, art, drama and much more.

“Respice et prospice” “Cherish the past and look forward to the future”

RGS Worcester School Motto 

From taster courses in Year Seven, in both Latin and Classical Civilisation, Pupils’ experience builds through compulsory study of one of these options in Years Eight and Nine, including the biennial trip to Italy to see Classical sites first-hand. Around half of our pupils choose to continue to GCSE and the wiliest and most perseverant find stimulation and challenge in our A Level courses in Latin and Classical Civilisation. Several in recent years have continued to prestigious Russell Group universities. One or two hardy souls branch out into Greek along the way, with the support of our dedicated, Oxbridge-educated department.

The Ancient World does not demand an ancient approach. Online textbooks and resources support students’ learning; the @RGSClassics umbrella of social media accounts provide stimulation beyond the walls of the classroom, connecting learners with the wider world of Classical scholarship, reaching over 1000 followers.

“ö γάρ έστι χείριστον αύτών έκ τού παρεληλυθóτος χρóνου, τούτο πρός τά μέλλοντα βέλτιστον ύπάρχει.” –  For that which is worst in the days that are past and gone is just what affords the best assurance for the future – Demosthenes First Philippic