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Academic Enrichment

Enrichment at RGS aims to encourages pupils to lift their heads above the horizon of lessons and to explore new academic areas. Our goal is to help them find areas of interest that may whet their appetite to learn more, to read around new subjects, even to carry on studying them over the coming decades or to use them as a basis for a career.

RGS identifies its students’ academic strength, talent and potential at an early age, and offers a vibrant co-curricular programme of events, talks and activities with an academic focus through which these can be developed.

The Billingham Society

Dr John Billingham

Named after the school’s distinguished alumnus Dr John Billingham, the Billingham Society is for all students in Years Seven to Eleven. Dr John Billingham (1930-2013) studied at RGS Worcester between 1939 and 1947. He had a long and distinguished career in the field of science, chairing the International Academy of Astronautics SETI Committee and as, for example, Chief of the Life Sciences Division at NASA Ames Research Center and Chief of the Extra-terrestrial Research Division. Dr Billingham spent his life pushing boundaries and challenging orthodox thinking through his enquiring mind: the Billingham Society encourage our pupils to do the same. 

The Society holds seven or eight lunchtime or after-school meetings and events each term, exploring a range of topics.

Sixth Form Enrichment

As well as sessions run by individual departments, Sixth Form Enrichment is delivered through a weekly timetabled lesson. There are a small number of Enrichment courses that last for one year, such as the Extended Project Qualification, worth half an A Level, and the Level Two Community Sports Leadership Award. Students interested in applying for Oxbridge also have the opportunity to attend targeted sessions during this time.


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