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Modern Foreign Languages Department

in year nine, many pupils make the most of the opportunity to take part in a long-running exchange to nantes.


Our aim is to produce fluent French speakers who have the ability to conduct meaningful discussions on a wide range of issues when visiting France and other French-speaking countries.

Furthermore, French at RGS is about promoting an appreciation of the literature, music, history and culture of France, as well as underlining the importance of the French language in countries outside Europe, for example, in parts of North Africa and Canada.

In Year Nine, many pupils make the most of the opportunity to take part in a long-running Exchange to Nantes. This year will mark the thirtieth year of this partnership. This is always a great success and further consolidates a pupil’s ability and confidence to converse in French, as well as their appreciation of French society and wider culture. Many pupils remain in contact with their partners long after the trip has ended.

As per the requirements of the reformed A Level specification, pupils study a range of literature and classic French films. This year will see the launch of a new French Exchange opportunity for Sixth Form pupils. Regular lessons with the French Language Assistant are another opportunity to make regular contact with a native speaker.

The Department is pleased to confirm recent success with Oxbridge applications, where pupils have successfully applied to study French with other subjects.


Learning German at RGS is a positive and enriching experience, which opens up many possibilities in the world beyond school.  The economic importance of Germany within Europe means that German is increasingly in demand by employers.

As younger learners, this may be simply a matter of ordering a Bratwurst, but as they progress and their knowledge expands, we give them the opportunity to make contact with pupils abroad through our Exchange programme with Worcester’s twin town of Kleve in North-West Germany. It is testament to the strength of this link that the Exchange continues to run every year, having first been started back in 1987.

A native German speaker gives extra assistance with pupils’ speaking skills from Year Ten upwards and older students can also find out more about the music, culture, literature, cinema and history of Germany. Many former students have made use of their language skills workplace, dealing with German companies and businesses.

we give pupils the opportunity to make contact with pupils abroad through our exchange programme with worcester’s twin town of kleve in north-west germany.

the spanish department has strong links with spain, and we offer two educational visits.


A pupil learning Spanish will join more than 440 million speakers in 21 countries in Europe, Africa and the Americas. It is one of the most sought-after languages in business, and it is an official language in the European Union and the United Nations.  

We currently have a fully native-speaking Spanish Department. Our aim is to promote, enthuse and bring Spanish culture and life to our lessons whilst assisting, supporting and guiding our pupils with their future choices.

The Spanish Department has strong links with Spain, and we offer two educational visits. At GCSE Level, pupils have the opportunity to participate in the exchange to Zaragoza, which has recently marked its tenth anniversary. In the Lower Sixth, pupils can choose to do their work experience in Murcia with our Spanish partner schools and other organisations.

Study days at Birmingham University, film visits and talks by speakers are also part of our school year. Our Spanish Language Assistant holds regular sessions with pupils. Pupil group sizes are small during these sessions so that learners can tackle their speaking examination with confidence.

We are delighted to report that many of our students continue their Spanish studies at university.

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