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Recognising outstanding abilities and potential

Scholarships and Bursaries

RGS offers a wide range of scholarships, which recognise outstanding academic, musical, sporting and artistic ability and potential. There are also a number of Bursaries available which enable children to benefit from an RGS education, regardless of financial circumstances.


Scholarships are awarded to individual pupils to encourage excellence across a range of academic and co-curricular activities in keeping with the aims of the School.

  • All 11+ and 13+ candidates will automatically be considered for Academic Scholarships but there are separate assessment processes for all other types of Scholarship, including 16+ Academic Scholarships
  • All Scholarships may be supplemented by Bursary funding up to 100% remission of fees
  • All external non-academic Scholarship candidates will also be required to perform satisfactorily in the relevant academic Entrance Examination
  • Pupils awarded Scholarships will retain them throughout their careers at RGS Worcester subject to good performance, positive behaviour and demonstrating a commitment to the School
  • All Scholars are expected to show leadership and loyalty to the School. School practices, rehearsals, events and fixtures must, therefore, be prioritised over external events or club matches


If you are applying to RGS Worcester and are concerned about the School fees, the School does offer the opportunity to apply for a Bursary. This is funding of up to 100% of the full School fee, provided by the School and is means-tested (i.e. the amount of funding is calculated based upon parents’ own financial circumstances). Bursaries are awarded to pupils based upon their performance in the School’s Entrance Examination.

A significant number of pupils at RGS Worcester are able to attend the School as a result of receiving a means-tested Bursary and/or Scholarship. A pupil offered a Scholarship may also receive a Bursary to provide extra assistance with the School fees.

If you would like further information about how RGS Worcester can support your application for a place for your child through a means-tested Bursary, then please contact the Registrar.


To apply for a Scholarship or Bursary please download and complete the Registration Form and Scholarship form (for scholarship applications).  Our Registar will be in touch after receipt of the forms with further details.

Candidates from the RGS Prep Schools should contact the Registrar for the relevant forms.

Download a registration form

Download a scholarship form