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Cross Country

The RGS cross country teams give pupils the opportunity to develop their running experience and capabilities, whether they are novices or seasoned runners at club, county or national level.


Throughout Michaelmas and Lent terms teams from all year groups take part in individual and team competitions against other schools from around the West Midlands. These see runners tackle the challenges of some tough courses and challenging weather conditions that test their stamina but create great team spirit and support for each other. Many of the best RGS cross country runners have had success at district and county level, with a number representing Herefordshire and Worcestershire at the National Schools’ Cross Country Championships.

Regular training takes place each week through our early-morning running clubs. These see many pupils, both fast and slow, taking to the streets and footpaths of Worcester as they look to improve their fitness levels either to become better runners or to support their endurance for other sports. Stamina and resilience are developed and hopefully, life-long running habits and enjoyment forged!




Cross Country at RGS Worcester