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We are absolutely delighted to be supporting the @RGSWDebating team again this year @RGSWorcester. @Claire_Bentick one of our #Litigation solicitors went to meet the new president & vice president. #WorcestershireHour

Year 4 making the most of the delightful weather and delectable cakes in our fundraiser for #TheAtlanticAmbition #Worcesterisgreen #greenarmy

Happy National @DoodleDay!
#doodleday #rgsthegrange

Moving red blood cells through the cardiovascular system using @Sphero to code the path that oxygenated & deoxygenated blood takes around the heart ❤ @SpheroEdu @AISLearns @MattWarne @atlantaSTEAM @KatieSadaphal @shaunyk @jonzamarripa @peluchiflores

Pupils learning the creative art of #sketchnoting as part of their #PSHE project on ‘rights and responsibilities’ The @Logitech Crayons paired with @Tayasui_apps Sketches Schools as a canvas #appledistinguishedschools #ADE2019 #everyonecancreate @AppleEDU

Year One had fun at Roots Farm and were farmers for the morning, collecting in the eggs, gathering the tomatoes, caring for the chicks and then finally baking our own vegetable pizzas.

A staff meeting with a difference - every week the @rgsthegrange team will be taking on a different #everyonecancreate challenge incorporating our #ApplePencil and @Logitech crayons 🖍 this week introduced advanced markup and @Tayasui_apps #sketchesforschool #emojichallenge

Year 4 Teacher, Maternity Cover, RGS The Grange, Worcester https://t.co/oVAUuFxlnK

Well done to all those Year Six pupils who made a speech this morning for House Captains. Amusing and heartfelt!

We have twenty @logitech crayons for pupils to use throughout the curriculum for sketching / writing / note taking and much more.
#Appledistinguishedschools #everyonecancreate

Thank you to @SudeleyCastle for making the introduction to our new topic so wonderful. Year Two had a fabulous day today. #rgsthegrange

This week @rgsthegrange launch 🚀 their third @CodeClub Crunching the numbers makes me think what an incredible opportunity to inspire this generation of tech savvy pupils in #coding #girlscancode #everyoncancode #ADE2019

We have lift-off ... The Year Five @Sphero Battle Chariots are in full production #DesignThinking #prototype #learningtofail @AppleEDU

First Day Back! #rgsthegrange #worcesterisgreen

So much fun with a Year 5 on the first day back using Markup on Photos to bring inanimate objects to life @AppleEDU #AppleEDUchat #Appledistinguishedschool

Lovely day for our first wedding @rgsthegrange great effort by everyone

Deputy Holiday Club Manager with Early Years After School Care, RGS The Grange, Worcestershire https://t.co/65qrVDrnhL

After School Care Assistant, RGS The Grange, Worcester https://t.co/fbeeX1Fa4S

Deputy Holiday Club Manager with Early Years After School Care, RGS The Grange, Worcestershire https://t.co/jxB2UtS1E0

Smashing presentation by @MattWarne Girls CAN code at RGS Worcester #ADE2019 #AppleEDUchat @rgsthegrange Well done 👏