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Worcester Preparatory School

Being part of our private primary school, as children move from Year Four to Six (Preparatory School), they transition from a topic approach to more discrete specialist lessons.

The core subjects are delivered primarily by Class Teachers in the lower years of Prep School. English and Science are taught in mixed ability groups, however, from Year Three, children are grouped for Mathematics according to ability and progress, this gives some children additional time to really embed the basics.

We have remodelled the timetable to allow pupils more time to immerse themselves in focused aspects in the afternoons.

Science is taught on Discovery afternoons combining practical activities. Making the most of our 50 acres of school grounds to give hands-on opportunities, all children visit Forest School during the year. DT, Art and Digital Media are taught on Creative afternoons. Children have the opportunity to use a range of materials and really let their imaginations soar. History and Geography, are covered during Humanities afternoons; many of our termly school trips support this area and really bring the learning to life.

Sport, Music, French and C&IT are taught by specialist teachers throughout the school – we are very lucky to have a team of dedicated teachers that really inspire our children and foster a passion in these different areas. 

Children are also involved in our Digital Learning Programme, where they will develop their literacy and numeracy skills using their own iPads. This method of learning is provided alongside traditional educational practices. 

The vast majority of RGS The Grange pupils move onto RGS Worcester, which is the Senior School in the RGS family of schools.

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Moving to RGS Worcester

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