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Embracing Creativity

Our philosophy is to inspire your child to explore and experiment without fear of failure. The vibrant art displays around the school speak to the power of this philosophy. No one says they can’t do art at RGS The Grange; everyone is happy to have a go and proud to see their creative achievements celebrated around the School.

encouraging exploration and experimentation without fear of failure.

Purpose-Built Art Studios

Dedicated weekly sessions from specialist teachers in purpose-built art studios, one each for Pre-Prep and Prep, afford your child the time and space for creativity. We teach through a skills-based approach, which means that your child develops independence, thinking skills, collaboration and active learning alongside skills in drawing, painting, printing, mixed media, textiles and sculpture.

Art extends beyond the curriculum at RGS The Grange. Your child can join Co-curricular clubs like Ceramics Club, attend workshops from local visiting artists, participate in House or national art competitions, such as the National Gallery’s ‘Take one picture’, or get involved in designing programmes for concerts.

“the grange truly is a special place where children feel valued, inspired and enthusiastic to learn” – year 6 leaver parent

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