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Learning Attributes

The characteristics of effective learning

Our school motto, ‘great oaks from little acorns’, sums up our aim: to equip your child for growth in its most holistic sense: physical, developmental, intellectual, personal, emotional, in skills, confidence and friendships.

For your child to develop the character at the heart of effective learning and skilful thinking, they must embrace key learning characteristics. We have selected eight – affectionately called ‘buzz words’ – which are at the core of what and how we teach. They are embedded into every facet of school life and on display to remind us of their importance.

1. Perseverance

We persevere and try to achieve our personal goals by giving our very best effort. We will aim high, knowing that our application and attitude will be rewarded.

2. Creativity

We use our knowledge and imagination to express ourselves in individual ways.

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” (Albert Einstein)

3. Collaboration

We work together by contributing and sharing in order to learn and appreciate each other’s thoughts and ideas. We are all equal, and our uniqueness is respected.

4. Empathy

We treat others with respect, kindness and compassion by always trying to understand other people’s views or feelings. We care for each other’s well-being.

5. Risk-taking

We take risks in our learning by putting ourselves in the position of making mistakes in an attempt to achieve a goal. We will try and leave our ‘comfort zone’ and enter the ‘growth zone’.

6. Curiosity

We read enthusiastically and keep asking questions about the world around us. Living a life full of wonder and a thirst for knowledge will enable us to flourish and grow.

7. Initiative

We try and do the right thing and work things out for ourselves. In doing so, we can learn what it takes and how it feels to complete a task.

8. Resilience

We will try and learn how to cope positively when we experience setbacks or challenges. This will help us to approach new situations with confidence and a positive mindset.

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