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Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Investing in wellbeing and happiness

Gone are the days when mental health and emotional wellbeing were a taboo. As a society, we are far more aware of the intrinsic link between emotional health and performance, and much more ready to invest time and energy into our wellbeing.

We take this investment in wellbeing and happiness seriously; the wellbeing of your child, naturally, but also that of teachers and parents. Why? Just as children succeed if they are happy, so parents and staff will be more effective at the all-important task of role-modelling, care-giving, and raising or educating emotionally literate children if they are looked after themselves.

it’s everyone’s job to ensure your child is happy and succeeds at rgs the grange.

Your child may be one of the fortunate few who navigate childhood without a hitch. It’s more likely that there will be occasions when your child needs support with emotional, social or behavioural challenges of some sort. 

We are experts at identifying issues and addressing them through targeted interventions. This is the School’s form of Early Help.  By supporting in this way,  we ensure that your child has a positive outcome and can get on with the business of fulfilling their potential. 

We train all staff in the tools to deliver pastoral care. It’s everyone’s job to ensure your child is happy and succeeds at RGS The Grange. If we don’t have the right skills on the team, we bring in external specialists, such as Bereavement Counsellors, or make an early help referral for you through Worcestershire Children First. You are not alone in the vital, exacting, and sometimes perplexing job of parenting.

The Pastoral care tools we have at our disposal include: 

  • Designated Senior Mental Health Lead: who supports a whole school approach to Mental Health
  • School Nurse: a Mental Health FirstAider who helps your child with emotional health as well as physical health
  • SENCo: who also is a Mental Health First Aider supporting children with their emotional needs
  • Flourish and Fly: targeted intervention support groups if your child experiences social and communication challenges
  • Walk and Talk: a weekly 1-1 mentoring programme to give your child a voice 
  • Positivity sessions: enrichment activities to develop your child’s emotional intelligence

we take the investment in wellbeing and happiness of your child seriously.

we are experts at identifying issues and addressing them through targeted interventions.

  • School Counsellor: if your child needs a little extra support
  • Parent information evenings: to help you assist your child, e.g. on ‘Children’s wellbeing’ and ‘Brighter futures – how to keep my child safe in our digital world’
  • External Early Help specialists: who come into school to give further support if necessary
  • Pupils Attitude to Self & School survey: a regular survey giving your child the chance to express how they feel about themselves and school. This helps us shape the strategies and support we provide
  • Training: for staff on a variety of topics, e.g. ‘How to talk about difficult things’
  • Signposting: to available resources to help you support your child through wobbly patches 

Having attained the Anti-Bullying Quality Kite Mark UK bronze award in 2019, we are now working towards the National Children’s Bureau Wellbeing Award for Schools.

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