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Digital Learning Programme

Enhancing teaching and learning

Your child’s future working world will use technology in ways we can’t begin to imagine today. Much as technology and screens can sometimes feel like the bane of a parent’s life, your child must be literate in the rapidly evolving world of digital technology.

far from replacing textbooks and writing, ipads supplement them.

Providing an innovative learning environment

As an Apple Distinguished School, the Digital Learning Programme begins from the youngest age when your child will access school iPads. From Year Five upwards, your child will be able to bring their own device, which will be used in a variety of meaningful ways across the curriculum. Far from replacing textbooks and writing, iPads supplement them. They change the way we teach and the way your child learns.

The technology allows us to provide your child with an engaging and innovative learning environment. It helps your child develop independent thinking and questioning skills whilst fostering creativity, collaboration and problem-solving. It engages and empowers your child to make choices and to direct their own learning.

Click here to learn more about Sphero – programmable robots your child will use at RGS The Grange.

“pupils’ excellent attitudes to learning are fully supported by the dlp, which allows them to follow threads of interest and learn at their own page.” – isi report

Prioritising online safety

You would be forgiven for thinking that equipping an eight year-old with an iPad is ill-conceived. Rest assured that your child’s iPad will be programmed with software which allows you to control access. The settings are fixed at School, but you can set a ‘recipe’ for home which determines what your child can access and when. In this way, online safety is guaranteed and battles over screens are a thing of the past. Workshops for parents on ‘Raising your child in the digital world’ allow us to share the latest thinking with you.

online safety is guaranteed and battles over screens are a thing of the past.

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