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RGS The Grange is the larger of our three Prep Schools, based two miles outside the City of Worcester set in fifty glorious acres of stunning fields and woodland.

The aim of the DLP at RGS The Grange is to provide our pupils with the skills to become lifelong learners. In a rapidly growing technological world this brings challenges, so we want our pupils to be equipped to adapt to a changing social and economic environment. 

Our learners must be resilient, creative and determined; they must be able to work independently and collaboratively. We must find the spark in every child that ignites their love of learning. Our vision has involved the creation of innovative learning environments. Since we embarked on this journey we have taken some time to review our timetable and curriculum design. We did not want our iPads to simply replace textbooks – we wanted the new technology to change the way we teach and ultimately the way our children learn.

Developing engaged, inquisitive pupils who are resilient and independent learners was at the centre of our vision. Collaboration and problem solving skills are threaded through all our curriculum. Children are empowered to make choices and to direct their own learning.

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We have great facilities

Watch our film to see more of our School set in 50 acres on the out-skirts of Worcester.

Worcester Is Green!

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