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Flourish and Fly

Our Flourish and Fly initiative

Helping children to develop confidence, self-esteem and communication.

supporting the emotional and social needs of children

What is Flourish and Fly?

Flourish and Fly is the name we give to our programme of group sessions designed to develop confidence, self-esteem and communication. 

The groups evolved from a pastoral initiative to support the emotional and social needs of children who seemed challenged by various playground situations, friendships, confidence and anxiety issues. Its success made us realise that all children can benefit and flourish through these sessions and activities, and it became an important part of our Emotional and Well-being provision.

at any one time, roughly a quarter of the children at RGS The Grange socialise in this structured way and participate in activities which help them develop:

  • Confidence with communication
  • Social and emotional awareness
  • Negotiating skills
  • Postive self-esteem

Upon starting at RGS The Grange, you child will automatically be invited to these sessions for half a term. The groups are very fluid and provide extra support for as long as needed, with no long-term obligation.

“pupils are loyal to each other and the school, but this doesn’t inhibit them from challenge, and they show enthusiasm to contribute to change”. – isi inspection

How does it work?

Your child can ask to be part of the group or be referred by you or staff members.

Groups are run by trained staff who help your child develop the tools and techniques to face new situations, friendships and challenges with confidence and effective communication.  

Your child might use stories and drama or play games, such as ‘Emotion Detective’, to explore new emotions and assign them to scenarios. In being better able to understand, acknowledge and express emotions, your child’s emotional literacy grows. 

Put simply, we equip your child with valuable, adaptable strategies to support and empower them in navigating through life.

we equip your child with valuable, adaptable strategies.

ISI Report 2022

pupils make excellent progress at prep and senior schools, achieving increasingly strong results in external examinations.

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