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Flourish and Fly

Why Flourish and Fly?

Flourish and Fly groups give children the chance to socialise within a structured context and to participate in activities that help to develop their:

  • confidence with communication
  • their social and emotional awareness
  • negotiating skills and
  • their self-esteem

The groups evolved as a result of a pastoral initiative to support the emotional and social needs of children who seemed challenged by a variety of playground situations, friendships, confidence and anxiety issues. Its success soon made us realise that all children can benefit and flourish through these sessions and activities and it became an important part of our school Emotional and Wellbeing provision.

The sessions have now been included in our Enrichment sessions and are known as “Positivity” classes, a title devised by the children. Again, using stories, drama, games, self-reflection and active listening activities, we help to develop children’s emotional intelligence enabling them to develop positive relationships, resilience, empathy and self-awareness

Developing the children’s Emotional Literacy Bank is also key to them understanding, acknowledging and expressing their emotions. Using stories and games such as ‘Emotion Detective’ children are encouraged to explore new emotions and assign them to scenarios.

In summing up, Flourish and Fly equip children with the tools and techniques to face new situations, friendships, challenges and problems with confidence and effective communication. It gives valuable, adaptable strategies to support and empower our children.