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Moving to RGS Worcester Senior School

Transitioning to RGS Worcester

As your child nears the end of Prep School, it is natural that thoughts turn to Senior School. There is little of the usual anxiety about this at RGS The Grange since over 95% of our pupils move on to RGS Worcester Senior School in Year Seven, with the option of RGS Dodderhill also available for girls. Your child will have interacted with staff from RGS Worcester throughout their time with us. This lays the foundations for a smooth transition.

In Year Six, we introduce additional initiatives to ensure the move is seamless. Our aim is for your child to feel part of RGS Worcester before they have left RGS The Grange.

Taster Day

Your child will have a taster day at RGS Worcester in the Michaelmas term. Senior School staff will teach your child various subjects such as DT, Science and Drama. The experience crosses both schools, joining them in your child’s mind. For example, kites designed in a DT lesson here are built with Senior School staff on the taster day.

our aim is for your child to feel part of senior school before they have left rgs the grange.

Ensuring a smooth transition to Senior School

The Heads and Deputies of both schools meet regularly, discussing individual and general academic and pastoral matters when appropriate. Your child will start RGS Worcester with a clean slate, but the wealth of knowledge and understanding we’ve built up about your child will not be lost.

We understand that the move to Senior School can be unnerving for parents, so we encourage you to ask questions about the transition process anytime.

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