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Headmaster’s welcome

Welcome from the Headmaster

A very warm welcome to RGS The Grange, and thank you for taking the time to visit our website. As you explore, you will get a taste of what makes RGS The Grange such a magical school.

RGS The Grange is a co-educational independent prep school for children aged 2 to 11. We are situated in a beautiful 50-acre site on the outskirts of Worcester. Children have vast outdoor space to explore, time to enjoy the fresh air, and encouragement to get muddy. Each of our children has the chance to shine. They can discover their gifts and convert these into real talent, as well as learn how to deal with challenges. All of our children have opportunities to compete, perform and be valued for who they are. Everyone is cherished at RGS The Grange.

RGS The Grange is an award-winning school. Whether that is national success at Cricket, being recognised with a Kindness in Education award, reaching the finals of the Barnardos’ National Choral Competition, or simply the 60 scholarships and exhibitions to RGS Worcester awarded over the last five years.

However, ask any child here what they like about RGS The Grange, and you’ll notice some recurring words: opportunities, friendly, fun.

Wander the corridors, and you will hear children and staff interact with warmth and compassion. You will see teachers putting a reassuring arm around children or sitting amongst them to demonstrate a task. These authentic relationships, with shared humour and laughter, are important in creating a positive atmosphere which raises standards and manages behaviour.

Visiting parents are sometimes surprised by the feeling of warmth and joy here; they imagine that success must be hard-fought and that academic challenge comes at the expense of well-being. I believe the opposite to be true. Your child will succeed here precisely because they are happy, inspired and having fun. In being seen, known, and understood for who they are, your child will gain a sense of belonging. It is this feeling of belonging to a kind, an enthusiastic and aspiring community which will make your child excited about learning and the possibilities ahead.

I am pleased that the hard work of children and staff is recognised externally with awards (and celebrated internally on our honours boards), but it is the word ‘fun’ that really makes me proud. It tells a story of happy children who love learning and have positive relationships with staff. It speaks of your child making the very best of this precious time and laying solid foundations for the future.

Mr Gareth Hughes, Headmaster

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