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Our co-curricular ethos

Unlocking potential

Our Co-curricular provision is founded on the belief that the more your child is willing to try, the more potential he or she has to become. That’s why we’ve created an opportunity-rich environment which encourages your child to do and to be more.

How do we encourage participation?

Fun and enjoyment are tremendous motivators. Staff bring humour, energy, and enthusiasm to activities, ensuring your child has a positive experience of trying new things and is hungry to try more.

Our holistic approach means we favour ‘Co-curricular’ to ‘extra-curricular’ because we believe these opportunities should be integral, not bolted on. We are open from 7.45 am – 6.00 pm, which allows time before and after the school day for new experiences. The resilience your child will build through stepping outside his or her comfort zone (and the confidence that comes from taking a risk and doing it well) serves as a bridge between the various spheres of our educational provision. The self-esteem and skills your child gains outside the classroom support their academic and personal development. Your child grows as a whole person in the round.

Commitment to Holistic Education

Obvious manifestations of our commitment to holistic education are the Oak Award, which your child will work towards in Year 5 and Year 6, and our approach to Speech Day.

We have moved away from individual accolades and shiny cups which inflate one child whilst deflating the remainder. On leaving RGS The Grange, your child will be given a scroll highlighting his or her key achievements here. Each child’s top achievement is read out, and the group is applauded for what they have achieved. Showing tremendous resilience throughout the school production or serving the community is recognised in the same way as an outstanding contribution to sport or a specific subject.

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