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House System

At the heart of our House system is the desire to provide a further platform within the school that promotes togetherness, and provides opportunities to create a sense of collective pride.

At RGS The Grange, through the House system there is:

  • Recognition of effort in the school environment
  • Recognition of community spirit
  • Competition in academic, performing arts and sporting areas

Importantly the House System gives our children a sense that competing is important as long as it is balanced with a knowledge and understanding of how to win and lose.

A sense of community is inherent in the purpose of the RGS The Grange House System.

At RGS The Grange there are four established Houses:

Cash House (green)

Cornwall House (red)

Goodrich House (blue)

Perowne House (yellow)

House Competitions

House competitions include:

Art, Dance, Engineer, Drama, Science, Dodgeball, Coding, Football, Rugby, Cricket, Rounders, Hockey, Netball, Cross Country, Athletics, Spelling, Table Tennis, Movie Making, Chess, Poetry  and Softball.

Each House develops its own ethos and spirit, much of which is due to the children in the House but is equally dependent on their Head of House!