Early Years at RGS The Grange includes our children being absorbed in fun and the adventure of learning as they rapidly develop confidence and a wealth of new skills, whether this is in our Private Nursery, Pre-School or Reception classes.

Children can join RGS The Grange from the age of two. This is a magical age and it is our job to ensure that a little touch of magic is present in their learning every day.

Our youngest pupils join us in Ladybirds, they move on to Caterpillars and then into Butterflies before joining our Reception class in September before they turn five years of age. Early Years pupils have the added benefit of belonging to a larger school community and being in a position to take advantage of the excellent facilities and teachers on site.  

As the children move into Reception, they work with class teachers and teaching assistants, continuing to follow the Early Learning Framework. The most important task here is to lay solid foundations for reading – a skill that will unlock so many doors as your child grows up.

We work closely with parents to build up a comprehensive and satisfying record of every child’s progress and achievements. We track the children’s progress carefully as they move towards the Early Learning Goals at the end of Reception.

Happy, Confident, Successful