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Prep Pastoral Care

The Deputy of the Preparatory Section leads the Pastoral care of the pupils and works closely with her team of Form Tutors so that the needs of all pupils are fully catered for and needs taken into account.  We pride ourselves on the outstanding pastoral care we offer all our girls. 

The Preparatory section is organised into year group tutor groups which offer small classes and fantastic personal care for each and every one of our girls. Our experienced team work together to get to know every single pupil in our care which adds to the family feel we have across the whole school. We meet twice a week as a section during assembly time and enables us to make this time relevant to the issues that are important to girls of this age. 

From the age of 9 to 13 girls go through some of the biggest changes in their lives to date and we need to ensure that we cater for emotional and physical development. This is a time when girls go through a roller coaster of thoughts, including those of doubt and uncertainty. We are introducing a new concept over the course of this year called ‘Growth Mindset’. It looks at key phrases that girls use every day at school and offers them a different, more positive way of thinking and therefore developing a mind that is willing to grow rather than a mind with boundaries such as ‘I can’t do this’ ‘This doesn’t work’ or ‘I’m stuck’. We want pupils in the Prep Section to leave us with a real ‘Can Do’ attitude ready to take on the challenges of their GCSE courses.