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The Move to RGS Worcester

Transitioning to RGS Worcester

Moving from primary school to senior school is an exciting time of life. A new, much bigger school can offer greater independence and open up endless opportunities; it also means new teachers, new subjects and new friends! However, this can also be a daunting prospect for some children. At RGS Springfield, we work closely with our Senior School in Worcester, RGS Worcester, to ensure a seamless transition.

regular meets with pupils at our family of schools enable bonds to begin to form.

Forming bonds early on

Throughout their time at RGS Springfield, our pupils will have interacted with many staff from the Senior School, both for regular lessons and for individual projects. Pupils also use the facilities at RGS Worcester on a regular basis, and this helps them to familiarise themselves with the School and get more comfortable in its environment.

Our pupils meet regularly with their peers at our Prep School in Worcester (RGS The Grange) and our Prep School in Droitwich (RGS Dodderhill) through various school collaborations, such as music and art events, and also sporting fixtures throughout their years at RGS Springfield. This enables bonds to begin to form before they have even considered their move to Senior School.

Senior School Transition

In Year Five and Year Six, the formal transition programme begins. RGS Springfield pupils will have regular visits to the Senior School in Worcester, where our children begin to experience lessons and are introduced to the secondary school routines – They also have the opportunity to meet and mix with other children joining Year Seven during these visits. In the final term at RGS Springfield, they will visit the Senior School for Transition Days. During Transition Days, pupils meet their form tutors and their new classmates, are shown around the School, and start to experience the excitement of life as a senior school pupil!

Girls may also wish to consider our Senior School for girls only at RGS Dodderhill in Droitwich Spa. This offers a small, focused environment where girls are able to fulfil their potential. Find out more about the benefits of an all girls’ Senior School.

Pupils transitioning to RGS Worcester or RGS Dodderhill from RGS Springfield will sit a verbal reasoning assessment only. In addition, every year, several of our pupils are selected to apply for scholarships for our Senior School, with an excellent track record of success. By the end of Year Six, our pupils are excited and ready for the next stage of their RGS journey!

“firstly may i say how well organised everything was for the new starters this morning! i was very impressed!” – transition day testimonial

by the end of year six, our pupils are excited and ready for the next stage of their rgs journey.

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