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Digital Learning Programme

Enhancing teaching and learning

RGS Springfield is situated in the very heart of Worcester. It is a one-form entry Prep School where the DLP facilitates our thematic curriculum, with a strong emphasis on learning as a journey.

the digital learning programme at rgs springfield is underpinned by careful planning by teaching staff.

Rich in opportunities

At RGS Springfield, the DLP is underpinned by careful planning by teaching staff that encourages the children to focus on key questions in addition to core content. Those key questions are produced in collaboration with their teachers so that the children feel that they have a high level of ownership of the curriculum, and so they can find out things that interest and engage them.

Our Creative Curriculum is rich in opportunities for independent learning, thinking skills and for children to make links with subjects in a far more cross-curricular way than is possible with discrete subject teaching. We aim to engender depth and breadth and an excitement for learning as a journey. The iPad empowers and facilitates this adventure and has helped our children become more independent and engaged as they take ownership of the outcomes of their educational expeditions in a way that suits them as individuals.

“pupils’ excellent attitudes to learning are fully supported by the dlp, which allows them to follow threads of interest and learn at their own page.” – isi report

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