A Day in the Life

We would be hard pressed to describe a typical day at Springfield.

With before and after­ school care bookending the day, and a smorgasbord of academic and co-curricular activities in between, you will find every child looking forward to every day with infectious expectation. From the Lego table, Writer’s Workshop and becoming a Special Helper in Year One, through to residential trips, coding on an iPad and becoming a House Captain in Year Six, each group builds on the grounding of the one that goes before.


8.00am  School opens. Before School Care in classrooms

8.25am  Registration

8.40am  Assembly or Little Prayers

8.55am  ­- 10.15am  Activities including numeracy, literacy, music, PE, music and movement

10.15am  Snack time

10.30am  Break Time

11.00am  Activities

12.00pm  Lunch time

12.45pm  Story time

1.00pm  Break time or sleep time

2.00pm -­ 3.30pm  Afternoon activities including art, craft, free play

3.30pm  School ends and Little Tea and After School Care starts

6.00pm  School closes

Year One to Six

8am  School opens. Before School Care in The Hall

8.25am  Registration

8.40am  Assembly

8.55am  Lesson One

9.55am  Lesson Two

10.55am  Break Time

11.15am  Lesson Three

12.00pm  Lesson Four

12.45pm  Lunch

1.30pm  Break

2.00pm  Lesson Five

2.45pm  Lesson Six

3.30pm  School ends and Clubs/activities and After School Care with Little Tea start

6.00pm  School closes


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