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Academic Scholarships

  • Offered to children entering Year Five. There is no separate exam and pupils who perform exceptionally well in the entrance exams are offered scholarships
  • Children applying will have a test in English and Maths and Verbal Reasoning

Music Scholarships

  • Offered to children entering Year Five. As a guide we expect applicants to be able to play two or more instruments and to have achieved Grade Three in at least one of those, or to be working to that standard
  • Singing voice would be considered the equivalent of an instrument

The Application Process

The process is designed so as not to be daunting for candidates. Headmistress Laura Brown is closely involved in monitoring the progress of scholars as they move through the school.
There is no need to apply for an Academic Scholarship, as all candidates who sit our entrance exam are considered. For any questions about scholarships please contact us directly.

Both RGS prep schools have a good record in achieving scholarships to RGS at 11+.