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Benefits of an all Girls’ Senior School

Why Choose RGS Dodderhill Senior School

It’s so important to get the teenage years right. Your daughter needs an environment in which she can develop and mature at her own pace. She might need to spread her wings in the bustle of a large co-ed school. She might need the nurturing and more intimate feel of a small girls’ school. It’s one of the reasons we offer choices across the RGS Family of Schools. One person’s thrive is another person’s survive. You know your daughter best. Read on to see whether a girls’ senior school sounds like the place for your daughter to thrive.

Five Reasons to go to an all-girls senior school

1. We understand girls

Our teachers are experienced in girls’ schools. They know how to build positive relationships and are sympathetic to your daughter’s needs during her teenage years. They nurture, encourage and get the best out of your daughter using female role models to inspire.

2. Fewer distractions

Behaviour is excellent. Your daughter can focus on being herself with fewer worries about her appearance. She will take part in PE and our sports curriculum without worrying about personal comments and be encouraged to take risks.

3. A focus on girls 

Your daughter will be in an educational community which can focus purely on her needs. Facilities and activities are only for girls. Girls support each other to do well.

4. No glass ceiling

There are no gender stereotypes here. Your daughter’s career aspirations won’t be limited or discouraged. All subjects and careers are for girls, and we equip girls to break through the glass ceiling.

5. Active participation

Robin Robertson once said, “When girls go to single-sex schools, they stop being the audience and become the players.” Who wants their daughter to sit back and be passive? We give your daughter the ‘can-do’ attitude which allows her leadership skills and strengths to flourish.

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