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⁦@RGSspringfield⁩ Year Four are having a creative last week. #poetry #remotelearning

The Year 3s have enjoyed their last two days in school. Today a virtual, social distanced warm up with the year 4s before our games lesson. #school #sports

Can you spot anyone you know? This and more coming to you, 3pm Wednesday. Check back tomorrow for a snippet of the full performance @RGSWorcester @MusicRgsd @dodderhill @rgsthegrange @RGSspringfield #worcesterisgreen

Watch this space next week for clues of the music department’s next big release @RGSWorcester @MusicRgsd @rgsthegrange @RGSspringfield You’re all in it! #worcesterisgreen

Year 2 were so excited to return to school this week. Everything was very different but all the children took it in their stride and settled back into school life.

Thinking about your future and working towards your dream job starts early at RGS Springfield! Our Nursery have got their life plan sorted. #Careers #careerdevelopment

Have you ever wondered why children are so tired after a day back in school? It’s because they bounce, quite literally in this case!

It was fabulous to see YearFive back in school today!

Year Two had their first throw of a soft javelin!

Year Two having a great time in the sunshine today, socially distant sack races, hand gel liberally included!

A whole stack of scrubs heading for Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust and Mrs Bishop’s last batch for Project 3000!!! #fortheloveofscrubs #nhs #rgsfamily ⁦⁦@RGS_TEXTILES⁩ ⁦@RGSWorcester⁩

This week’s creative photography challenge is using ‘forced perspective’ #Creative #photography #remotelearning

The Year Threes have been creating their own dream jars based on Roald Dahls BFG. I wonder what types of dreams they are. @roald_dahl #Learningathome #dreams #BFG

For their final week of home school Year 2 worked hard and yet again produced outstanding work in all areas of the curriculum. Enjoy school next week everyone.

Year Six resurrecting old games for a wet playtime. Skipping and Marco Polo! #RainyDay #fun #schoolreopening

Happy Friday everyone! Year One starting the day with panache!
#fridaymorning #FridayFeeling #FridayFun

The importance of providing opportunities for play for children cannot be underestimated.#earlyyears