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Exploring, laughing, and learning together in the great outdoors 🌿🌞 Making memories at Forest School with our little adventurers! 🌲👫 Embracing nature, making friends, and discovering the world one step at a time 🌍💚 

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#ForestSchool #NatureLovers #OutdoorLearning #ChildhoodUnplugged #MakingMemories #ExploringTogether #LittleAdventurers
🎨 At RGS Springfield, we believe in nurturing the creativity of our young learners right from the start! 🌱✨

Did you know that creative outlets in Prep schools offer a myriad of benefits for children's development? From nurturing critical thinking and problem-solving skills to enhancing communication and emotional expression, creativity plays a vital role in shaping well-rounded individuals.

Through Art, Music, storytelling, and imaginative play, our pupils explore, experiment, and unleash their boundless creativity every day. 

#NationalCreativityDay #RGSSpringfield #RGSFamilyOfSchools #Education
🐝🌸 Bee-lieve in the power of pollinators! 🐝🌸
Learning all about how important bees are for our planet and how we can help save them. The children came up with some brilliant ideas for how we can help including keeping part of our gardens and wild areas, planting bee friendly plants and most importantly, eating local honey. Mr Griffin, who looks after two hives of bees, brought in some of the equipment he uses and explained how he looks after the bees. 

#RGSSpringfield #RGSFamilyOfSchools #Education 
#SaveTheBees #BeeFriendly #SpringfieldAssembly
📚✨ RGS Springfield had a trip over the road to RGS Worcester this morning for the incredible Onjali Q. Raúf Author Visit! 🌟 Her inspiring books based on life experiences and local heroes left us all feeling empowered. 🦸‍♀️ Thank you RGS Worcester for hosting us! 📝💭

#RGSSpringfield #RGSFamilyOfSchools #Education #Worcester
#AuthorVisit #Inspiring #LocalHeroes #OnjaliQRauf
It's amazing to witness our two newest Prime Video @lt Youth Girls get on the court and start playing tennis.
Prime Video @lta Youth Girls is a girls only beginner tennis course, packed with games and activities run by LTA trained coaches. 

#RGSSpringfield #RGSFamilyOfSchools #Education #PrimeVideo #YouthGirls  #tennis
🎉🌟 Halfway through our Open Week at RGS Springfield and what an incredible few days it has been! We've loved meeting so many prospective families and sharing the vibrant life of our School community. It has been wonderful to see the enthusiasm and interest from all of our visitors.

🚨 There are still a few days left, but spots are filling up quickly! Don’t miss your chance to explore our School, meet our fantastic team, and see why RGS Springfield could be the perfect place for your child's education.

👉 Make sure to secure your visit by booking now—just click the link in our bio. 

We’re excited to welcome more families and show everything RGS Springfield has to offer. See you soon!

#RGSOpenWeek #DontMissOut #BookNow #ExploreRGS
#RGSSpringfield #RGSFamilyOfSchools #Education #worcester
At RGS Springfield, we believe every child has the potential to shine in sports! 🌟 Our pupils have the amazing opportunity to access RGS Worcester's top-notch facilities and work with skilled coaches, some of which have played for England! 🏆 

With our inclusive ethos, we encourage all children to have a go, improve their skills, and discover their passion for sports. Let's empower your child to learn and have fun while doing it! 🙌 

#RGSSpringfield #RGSFamilyOfSchools #Education 
#FindYourSport #Empowerment #Sportsmanship #YourChildsPotential #InclusiveSportingCommunity
At RGS Springfield , we believe in the power of happy pupils! 🌟 Our pupils thrive in a caring, secure, and fun environment, allowing them to excel academically. 📚✏️
With a stimulating and creative curriculum in small classes, your child will receive the individual attention needed to reach their full potential. 🎓📈

The ISI Report 2022 highlights 💬 Pupils make excellent progress at prep and senior schools, achieving increasingly strong results in external examination. 💬

Don't forget to book our Open Week to discover more, 13-17 May.
🔗 Link in Bio!

#RGSSpringfield  #RGSFamilyOfSchools #Education
At RGS Springfield  we believe in the power of happiness for children to succeed. It's all about feeling safe, valued, and accepted for who you are. We prioritise well-being and kindness, creating a supportive environment, as part of our Pastoral initiatives we offer the following:

♥️ Our Positivity Classes 
🦺 Safeguarding
😄 Investing in wellbeing and happiness
🏡 Community House System
🐶 Well-being Support Pooch

Don't forget to book in for our Open Week 13 - 17 May to discover more, 🔗 Link in Bio 

#HappyChildren #Success #Wellbeing #RGSSpringfield #RGSFamilyOfSchools #Education
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