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There is a sport out there for every child. Our mission at RGS Springfield is to find the one for your child. We offer an inclusive sporting ethos, where we encourage every child to have a go, improve their skills, and find their sport.

We have fantastic dedicated specialist PE teachers at RGS Springfield. These teachers draw the best out of your child using current coaching methods while developing important teacher-pupil relationships outside the classroom. Our specialists teach PE and Games from reception class upwards.

Recent data shows that independent school pupils now do almost triple the amount of sports compared to state school students. Our pupils here at RGS Springfield are no exception.

Our youngest pupils are introduced to Sports in Nursery and Reception, taking part in PE, music and movement, soft play and outdoor skills on a weekly basis.

Our Pupils in Year One and Year Two follow a Physical Education and Games programme that encourages them to grasp the key skills, allowing them access to a range of physical activities as they grow up. They take part in a variety of activities and will benefit from 3 lessons a week in PE and Games.

Year Three to Six pupils take part in a broad PE and Games curriculum. This is then enhanced by the opportunity to learn and play three major games. For boys, these games are Rugby, Football and Cricket and, for girls, Hockey, Netball and Cricket.

All of our pupils take part in weekly swimming lessons on a termly rotation.

Sports fixtures, matches and extra opportunity

All children from Year Three to Year Six represent our school in each sport in fixtures against other schools. These fixtures are weekly throughout the year and provide a fantastic opportunity for your child to learn skills and resilience through playing a variety of teams throughout the County, home and away.

This is further supplemented by an opportunity for individuals to compete in sports such as Cross Country, Swimming, Athletics and Tennis. When required we will also seek out opportunities for children who may play a sport externally to a high level in which the school does not yet specialise.

The focus, however, remains on developing children’s physical abilities in preparation for lifelong involvement in sport, raising confidence and an understanding of health and wellbeing.

Sports Clubs

In addition to the focus on lesson time, and the local fixtures against other schools, we also have a plethora of co-curricular sports clubs on offer every term. These clubs enable every child to find that one activity that can be enjoyed recreationally and beyond. Some of these clubs help individual sport development such as karate, riding, climbing and cross country running.

RGS Springfield is confident that it provides an environment ready and able to engage children new to sport, enthuse and develop those children to grow in confidence and push those children who are already performing at the highest level for their age.

Sport is about engaging with children, getting them to enjoy it, wanting to do more, and being confident enough to want to compete!


Please view our inspirational Sports film made in conjunction with Player Layer