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Our School Council

About our School Council

Our School Council is an important part of RGS Springfield. It encourages children to contribute ideas to help to improve the school and to feel that they can make a difference.

the school council decides which charities the school should support each year.

Roles of the School Council

The School Council is democratically elected each year, and older pupils in Years Five and Six represent those in Nursery. Regular meetings are held, and the Council may invite the Headmistress to attend the meeting or request meetings to discuss their ideas. School Council meets with our catering team to suggest new menus and theme days. One of the most important things the School Council decides is which charities the school should support each year. Suggestions are put forward and voted on in classes before being brought to Council for final voting. They also organise charity fundraising events such as superhero fun runs, bad hair days or ‘wonderful onesie ‘days.

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