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Children at RGS Springfield are encouraged to \’be their best selves\’, which means fostering the important values of altruism, compassion and community spirit.

They are taught to look beyond their social sphere to identify those less fortunate than themselves. We do this through our curriculum and with a planned programme of assemblies and visitors.
The school supports three charities per year and all children are involved in choosing them via their School Council. In the last two years we have chosen Acorns Childrens Hospice, RSPCA, Send A Cow, Dogs for the Disabled and CLIC Sergeant. Charity fundraising takes many forms, but plenty of dressing up and eating cake are involved as well as an annual fun run, the theme for which is chosen by the children. Over the last two years we have been “Superheroes” and enjoyed “crazy hair” while raising money. Our own Brownie pack regularly organises charity events and teas for Macmillan and our local alms­houses.