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Social and Emotional Wellbeing

There are times when a child may need extra emotional, social or behavioural support. Identifying this need and addressing it in the form of one-to-one support or group support is key to achieving positive and happy outcomes for all our children. In addition, we can support families by organising for other Early Help specialists to come into school to work with a pupil during the school day. Such external specialists may already be working with a family, for example, a Bereavement Counsellor, or could be a result of an Early Help referral that the school can make for a family through Worcestershire Children First.

Our Wellbeing Plan and Policy include support in the following ways:

  • Our whole school ethos whereby the delivery of Emotional Wellbeing is everybody’s responsibility ensuring that Children’s well-being is paramount at RGS Springfield
  • We have undertaken a recent PSHCE curriculum review including healthy relationships as part of our SRE programme
  • The targeted intervention support groups offer support for children with social and communication challenges
  • We have a School Counsellor for those children who need a little extra support
  • ‘Positivity’ sessions during our PHSCE lesson with activities to develop children’s Emotional Intelligence and whole school days such as healthy mind and body days.
  • ‘Pupils Attitudes Survey’, a survey giving pupils the opportunity to express how they feel about themselves and school and for us as a school to provide strategies of support
  • Parent Information evening on ‘Children’s Wellbeing’ and  how to keep my child safe in our digital world is regularly provided
  • External Early Help specialists to come into school to give further support if there is a need