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With our nurturing ethos, specialist teachers, small class sizes and personalised learning experience, we offer numerous advantages for your child. Another significant benefit is undoubtedly our full programme of co-curricular activities, otherwise known as ‘clubs’. These enrich our already broad curriculum. They offer new, exciting opportunities to your child, or the opportunity to build skills in areas that they already enjoy.

most activities are included within our school fees for free.

Inclusivity and Diversity

Inclusivity and diversity are at the heart of our co-curricular programme. Whether your child is a budding artist, or an athlete in the making, with around 30 clubs on offer at any time, there will be a number of activities that suit your child. They can explore the arts through drawing classes with our resident artist, develop their IT skills through coding club, perfect their performance skills by joining the choir or drama club, or learn how to score the perfect goal in the Football club.

Although most clubs are run by our own staff, we also use the expertise of external providers and sometimes use facilities outside of the school. Most activities are included within our school fees for free, with a small number of externally run clubs having an additional charge.

30 clubs on offer at any time

Clubs are run at lunchtime and after school and are entirely optional, though the children are always eager to be involved. For many parents, our after-school club programme helps to ensure that children get extra opportunities without having to juggle getting them from school to an externally run club.

Our School Council helps to provide suggestions for clubs in which children may wish to participate. Examples of some of the clubs we offer:

Dance, tennis, bookbinding, cookery, pottery, gardening, orchestra, choir, hand chimes, recorders, brass group, hockey, netball, cricket, football, rugby, athletics, performing arts, fencing, karate, riding, and many more…

enriching our already broad curriculum, and offering new, exciting opportunities to your child.

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