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The House System

The house system promotes friendly rivalry and an element of competitiveness within a fun and safe community. House competitions include sports day, house music competition, Springfield’s got Talent and the highly competitive house Easter egg hunt.

Each pupil can earn house points through positive contributions, building towards a weekly total announced in Assembly each Friday morning. A house points trophy is awarded at the end of each term.

The house system is very important and offers several opportunities to facilitate the development of each child’s potential. It helps to create a positive atmosphere where everyone has the chance to participate and co-operate effectively. As well as a sense of belonging to their house, the house system presents a space for your child to grow and this is encouraged by embracing and nurturing talent. Children have a strong sense of community at RGS Springfield; they have strong relationships within their class, house and across the year groups. During regular house events, assemblies and activities, the children communicate effectively with one another by sharing their own ideas and respecting those of others.