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Pre-Preparatory School

Our independent Pre-Preparatory School offers Year One, Two and Three pupils a creative and imaginative learning environment. Children at RGS Springfield Pre-Prep School are taught through a topic-based approach. Key topics covered during Pre-Prep years are English, Maths, Science, Geography, History and Art. 

Class sizes are small, which allows children to be given the individual focus that they require at this age. Every child is nurtured as an individual, boosting self-esteem and providing a solid stepping stone to Prep School. We help pupils to understand their individual strengths and encourage them to celebrate their successes and those of other children. 

In Year Two, pupils will have the opportunity to go on their first residential school trip, where they will learn social skills, resilience and independence. 

Children are also introduced to our Digital Learning Programme (DLP) during Pre-Prep School, where they will be provided with class iPads to develop their literacy and numeracy skills. The DLP is taught alongside traditional educational practices and is part of our blended learning philosophy in all three RGS Schools. 

During these important years at Pre-Prep School, pupils will become familiar with Prep School departments, facilities and teachers. This smooth transition helps to prepare children for their next years at RGS Springfield.