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Nursery, Pre-School and Reception

Springfield Nursery provides our children with a magical first experience of school, offering the very best independent nursery, pre-school, and primary school education. What makes Springfield so very special?

The staff are knowledgeable and a highly dedicated team, passionate about what they do. The children are taken on an educational journey that, due to its breadth and creativity, is hard to match.  We believe that the capabilities of young children should never be underestimated and provide a supportive, nurturing and purposeful environment, removing any boundaries from learning in these early years.

In the Nursery, the environment stimulates their curiosity and the desire to learn and explore their world supporting each individual child’s talent and interests. This is a key time this in a child’s development and it is important to provide a curriculum that excites a joy for learning. We use a combination of play, child initiated and teacher-led activities. 

All children have the use of whole school facilities within the extensive grounds. Our dedicated independent nursery practitioners are experts in the Early Years Curriculum. Sessions include high-quality teaching in music, French, swimming and dance. Visits to museums, art exhibitions, wildlife centres and theatres are organised alongside topics and children’s interests. Visitors to the school also provide interesting and specialist knowledge to extend learning.

Whether performing on stage, collaborating in Forest School or occupied inside, all our children become confident, independent learners with a desire for knowledge and a willingness to take risks. The skills that RGS Springfield imparts will stay with them for the rest of their lives.